My Athlete Box – January 2019 Core Box Review & Coupon

My Athlete Box – January 2019 Core Box Review & Coupon

Price: $39.99/month, less with longer subscription

Website Description of Box: “My Athlete Box is a female fitness subscription box dedicated to helping the busy woman live a healthier lifestyle. We understand the struggles of balancing a fast-paced work/family life and taking time to care for ourselves. That’s where we come in. We deliver you fitness boxes that won’t interrupt your lifestyle but rather work alongside your current lifestyle and help you get into shape and live a healthy life. The Core Box includes Snacks – Recipes – Discount Codes – Motivational Items – 1-2 Apparel products – MAB workouts – Surprises”

Shipping: Free to the US, International charges vary by country.

Ships to: Worldwide

This box was sent to us free of charge for review purposes.  View our Disclosure to learn more about our process.  This post may contain referral/affiliate links. If you buy something, The Review Girls may earn a commission.

My Athlete Box sent us a “Sample Box” last month that we reviewed and were thrilled about.  So we were honored when they asked us to review their “Core” box, which is the middle of the line box they offer.  With the whole New Year, New Me upon us, I figured this would be a great box to showcase for our readers.


One of the things that set My Athlete Box apart from other boxes we have reviewed are the numerous inserts.  These aren’t a bunch of random advertisements shoved into their box but, these are workouts and recipes to help you reach your goals.

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Mavi Bands Headband – “Gym Hair, Don’t Care”

Retail Value: $14.99

First off, I love the saying and the colors of this headband.  Add in that it is adjustable and non-slip and we have a product that will be well loved.  I researched the Mavi Band brand a bit while writing this review and noted that they also over a lifetime guarantee on their products.  You don’t see that very often!

Wod Bod Suds Bar Soap

Retail Value: $8

I always love to get bar soaps.  I have been really trying to watch my use of plastics and one of the easier ways for me to do that is by using bar soap.  I also really like that this bar is handmade with natural products.  Supporting small business is another thing that I am passionate about.

Duckish Lotion Stick

Retail Value: $7.49

At first glance, I thought this was a mini deodorant and was actually stoked since it would be the perfect size for a gym bag.  Upon reading the label I realized it was actually a lotion stick.  I still thought that was cool and great for travel and a somewhat unexpected item.  My husband has actually had insanely dry hands this winter so I figured I would have him test it for me.  He really liked that it was unscented and said it seemed to help his hands.  He did mention that it was harder to apply than normal lotion and it was tougher to get between his fingers.

Sincerely Different Lipbalm – Pucker Up Peppermint

Retail Value: $4

I really liked this beeswax lip balm.  This product went on nice and smooth and made my lips feel extra soft.  Peppermint is always a good scent since it wakes me up and makes my lips feel fresh.  Again, I researched this company and was happy to see that this product is handmade and all natural.

KT Tape – Blister Prevention Tape, Sample Pack

Estimated Retail Value: $2.99, 30 pack = $9.99

I was excited to test these out.  It happened that I actually opened the box the same day that I had worn a new pair of shoes to the office and noticed I was starting to get a blister on my heel.  I quickly applied these to see if it would prevent further damage.  At first, it felt really comfortable and seemed like it would stick all day.  I was semi annoyed when the tape came off within less than an hour. This isn’t a product I would be able to recommend based off of my experience.

Raw Rev Glo – Dark Chocolate Espresso Crunch

Retail Value: $2.25

I love chocolate and I love espresso, so I was excited to try this bar.  I wasn’t disappointed either.  Bars can be a hard sell for me since some come out too chalky and dry and others leave a bitter aftertaste in my mouth.  There weren’t any of the negatives that I’m used to with this bar.  I would order this delicious bar again.

Health Warrior – Honey Sea Salt Bar

Retail Value: $1.37

I figured I would like this bar since it is more of a granola type versus the protein bars that I have issues with.  This was bar was satisfying and it wasn’t as sweet as I had expected it to be but, rather more on the salty side.  The only complaint I had was that the whole pumpkin seeds were a little rough on my gums.  Overall the bar was yummy and very filling.

Second Nature – Wholesome Medley

Retail Value: $0.73

This product was also in the My Athlete Box’s sample box that we reviewed last month.  Again, I did like this product as a handy snack to keep in my purse.  The added bites of chocolate are just what I need some days.  Still, a little high in sugar content for me to purposely buy for my family, but I enjoy splurging every once in a while.

Junkless Granola Bar – Cinnamon Roll

Retail Value: $1.08

Hands down, this was the best snack in the box. It had such a great flavor and texture.  This bar was very dense and kept me full for hours.  I will be buying these in the future!

Wickedly Prime – Pea Crisps

Retail Value: $0.60

In case you aren’t familiar, Wickedly Prime is Amazon ‘s line of snacks.  I can’t say I was excited to try this snack, however, I always like to see if there is an easy way to sneak in veggies to my family’s diet.  While these pea crisps weren’t as bad as I thought they would be, I can’t say that I would go out of my way to buy them.   There was a nice crunch to them and the saltiness was great, but the aftertaste was almost like a chalky rice taste.


The value of the contents in this month’s Core Box is just over the monthly price of the box.  However, in terms of value, having a box that comes to your door each month and motivates you to keep going really is where the true value comes in.  While there isn’t a price placed on the recipes and work out cards, they are valuable to someone that is trying to make a difference in their lifestyle.  Add in all the tasty snacks and convenient products and that adds even more value to the box!  I would recommend this box to anyone who has a busy life and is committed to staying in shape. I also think this box could be extremely helpful to someone who is wanting to change their habits and add in exercise and healthy foods into their diet.

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